1990 Lebaron - 2 problems (both related to starting)

Discussion in 'LeBaron' started by JustMe, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. JustMe

    JustMe Guest

    Had this bomb for a while. Really very reliable, can take long trips
    and all (~300 miles each way). Lock cylinder broke the other day. I
    bought a star bit set and took the assembly off and am able to start
    the car by turning the components, but I would like to substitute
    *something*, and don't want to pay 140$ for a new lock cylinder/
    assembly (the whole car isn't worth that). Is starting the car as
    simple as applying 12vdc to one wire? No, I would assume not, given
    there are 2 harnesses and at least 10 wires running into/out of this
    assembly. Any help would be appreciated.

    ***NOTE**** Also had to jam a suitably sized screwdriver in the
    appropriate place in the steering column to keep the steering wheel
    from locking up on turns. If you're as stupid as me and will go this
    route, make sure you have a RELIABLE means of keeping the steering
    wheel from locking. If the steering wheel should lock up on you when
    you're going 40+ mph, or slower even, you are likely to KILL YOURSELF
    and possibly even the occupants of another vehicle.

    2nd issue. Car more often then not *clicks* when attempting to start.
    This could be 1-3 times, or even 70-80 times. In other words it takes
    that many clicks before it actually turns over. <turn key> *click*
    <turn key> *click, not <turn key> *click click click click click* like
    when the batter is low. Could this just be a faulty connection (at the
    starter?), or is it actually a problem w/the starter. It's been
    clicking for a long time...

    Thanks in advance.
    JustMe, Nov 18, 2008
  2. JustMe

    Bob Shuman Guest

    On the click- no-start, this could be for a number of reasons. I'd suggest
    you verify the battery is good and that the connections to the battery posts
    are clean and tight. Similarly, verify the connections at the starter and
    the engine block are also clean and tight. If these all check out good,
    then I'd suspect the starter solenoid contacts. I do not know if that
    vehicle used the same Nippondenso starter as other Chrysler vehicles, but if
    it does, then these are fairly cheap and easy to replace once you get the
    starter off the vehicle (solenoid is attached on the starter). If you
    search the archives for click no start or do google search for Nippondenso
    starter solenoid, you will find a link to several photos and people selling
    the copper contacts for a few bucks each. If it is the solenoid, ten it
    will eventually fail and not start at all. This usually gives you a few
    weeks to months notice before it fails completely, so you should fix it now
    before you need a tow. Good luck.

    Here is a link to get you started:


    Bob Shuman, Nov 18, 2008
  3. JustMe

    Bill Putney Guest

    I also thought it probably is solenoid contacts (if, as Bob said, it has
    the Nippondenso starter, which it probably does). Best deal for the
    contacts if so is www.partsameric.com. Finding the part on that site
    can be tricky - once you select your vehicle, you have to put just the
    right word in the search line to have the solenoid and plunger kit come
    up as a choice. In the past, I have found the magic word to be
    "solenoid" - nothing else worked. On the page that comes up, click on
    "Starter solenoid repair kit". Cost including shipping will be around
    $25 - includes contacts and plunger.
    Bill Putney, Nov 19, 2008
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