1986 Chrysler LaBaron Town & Country wood wagon for sale

Discussion in 'Chrysler Parts For Sale / Trade' started by JHVWGTI, May 11, 2024.



    May 11, 2024
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    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I'm putting a feeler out there to see if anyone is interested in a1986 Chrysler LaBaron Town & Country wood wagon. It has been wrecked on the drivers side. It has 73,274 original miles. It runs and drives. The previous owner had just gone through the vehicle to make it road worthy for their 16 year old driver. Unfortunately on one of their first outings she was hit by a van & that driver took off. The title was turned in and I have the vehicle now. I think there are too many good parts on this car to just let it rot away. I'm not looking to part it out but selling as is for $1500 - any replys or feed back on it is appreciated. I'm new to the Chrysler scene.

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    JHVWGTI, May 11, 2024
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